Won(*3*)Chu KissMe! is Sakura Trick's opening theme. It is sang by the main cast members: Haruka Tomatsu, Yuka Iguchi, Yuka Aisaka, Hiromi Igarashi, Mai Fuchigami, and Megumi Toda in their respective characters.

Lyrics Edit

kanji Edit

kissx3 もう夢chuなの

ドキドキしちゃうのよ あなたのそばで、また  高鳴るこの鼓動 止まらないよ  友達なんだけど それ以上の気持ち?!  このままじゃ私は どうかしちゃう 

我慢では 解決できないの  誰にも真似できない ことがしたいの 

Won chu Kissme! 特別な二人だけの秘密  いつだって どこだって 私のすべてを受け止めてほしいの  Can I kiss you? 最高の二人だけの時間  唇触れ合うの あなたと私のkissx3 離れたくない 

Romanji Edit

kissx3 mou muchu nano 

dokidoki shichau no yo anata no soba de, mata  takanaru kono kodou tomaranai yo  tomodachi nan dakedo sore ijou no kimochi?!  kono mama ja watashi wa douka shichau 

gaman dewa kaiketsu dekinai no  dare demo mane dekinai koto ga shitai no 

Won chu Kissme! tokubetsu na futari dake no himitsu  itsudatte dokodatte watashi no subete wo uketomete hoshii no  Can I kiss you? saikou no futari dake no jikan  kuchibiru fureau no anata to watashi no kiss x 3 hanaretakunai 

English (Translation courtesy of idolsouly) Edit

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!  In your spell again

Heartbeat Heartbeat! Is racing one more time By my side; I am on high alert  The ringing in my chest is just so loud  I’m begging for it to stop

I know we’re just friends but again My mind is thinking we’re more than this  I don’t think I can contain it anymore I’ll burst any second now

Waiting around, never solved anything in my life I want to go ahead and try Something you won’t forget

Won’t you kiss me? These feelings of mine This will be a nice secret of ours Anytime and anywhere we go I beg you to accept all of my flaws and love me

Can I kiss you? I beg you I’m my best if you’re by my side Our lips meet for the first time  This moment belongs to us only  Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!  I don’t want to let you go

Trivia Edit

  • The song can also be heard several times in the show.

Video Edit

Opening 「Won(*3*)Chu KissMe!」01:30

Opening 「Won(*3*)Chu KissMe!」

Sakura Trick 桜Trick OP / Opening 「Won(*3*)Chu KissMe!」

SAKURA TRICK Opening Full Won Chu Kiss Me!04:47

SAKURA TRICK Opening Full Won Chu Kiss Me!

Full version

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