The Sakura-Colored Beginning is the first section of the first episode of Sakura Trick's anime. This episode introduces the main characters of the show, and marks the beginning of Haruka and Yuu's relationship.

The Sakura-Colored Beginning
桜色の始まり Sakura-iro no Hajimari
Screenplay Kōsuke Takeda
Storyboard Kenichi Ishigura
Staging Naoki Murata
Animation Director/s Hirofumi Morimoto, Yōichi Ishikawa
Chief Animation Director/s Kyuta Sakai
Air Date
Japanese January 9, 2014
Episode Navigation
The Sakura-Colored Beginning Yakisoba, Veranda, and a Girl
Previous Next
none Another Sakura-Colored
none After School with Harry♥


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