"The President is SumiSumi!" is the first section of the eleventh episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

The President is SumiSumi!
会長はスミスミなのじゃ! Kaichō wa SumiSumi na no ja!
Sakura Trick Ep 11-A Title
Air Date
Japanese March 20, 2014
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Plot Edit

Kaede introduces Haruka and Yuu to Sumi Otokawa, who is to succeed Mitsuki as student council president, who asks for their help in deciding what to do for Mitsuki and student vice-president Rina Sakai for their graduation. The three of them decide to investigate the third years, finding them have a peculiar fondness for pudding, deciding on holding a 'bucket pudding contest'. After Sumi takes her leave, Mitsuki and Rina walk in on Haruka and Yuu kissing each other.

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