"Swimsuit Fanservice ☆ Accidents Too" is the first section of the seventh episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

Swimsuit Fanservice ☆ Accidents Too
水着でサービス☆ポロリもあるよ Mizugi de Sābisu ☆ Porori Mo Aru yo
Sakura Trick Ep 7-A Title
Air Date
Japanese February 20, 2014
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Swimsuit Fanservice ☆ Accidents Too Shopping with Yuu-chan
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It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's a Sleepover A Cherry Blossom-colored Wedding
It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's Showtime! A Cherry Blossom-colored Christmas

Plot Edit

Kotone invites the girls to swim at her family mansion's pool, where they meet Kotone's little sister Shinobu, who seems determined to have Kotone return home. Shinobu challenges Shizuku to a swimming contest to decide who Kotone should stay with, which Shizuku ends up winning thanks to some meddling by the family maid.

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