Shizuku Minami
南 しずく Minami Shizuku
Shizuku minami 56878
Age 15-16
Birthday April 15th, Aries
Gender Female Female

Hiromi Igarashi

Manga Chapter 1
Anime A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning

Shizuku Minami (南 しずく?) is a secondary main character in Sakura Trick. She is Haruka and Yu's classmate, and Kotone's cousin.

Appearance Edit

Shizuku is an average-sized girl with pale complexion. She has purple-ish hair, which is tied into a twintail with red hair scrunchies. She wears the standard uniform of a red tie, a plain white (collared) button-up shirt, and a blue and green plaid skirt. She is more often seen also wearing a straw-coloured sweater vest outside than the dark green suit jacket. She wears black knee-high socks.


A shy and bashful girl, Shizuku usually has a sour look, but forces a smile whenever she is upset. She tends to avoid social interactions and has few friends besides Kotone before the series. Since meeting her new friends, she has opened up considerably, showing a more lively and active side.

Shizuku harbours romantic feelings towards Kotone, who lives in her house. She is deeply insecure about their relationship, which is most evident in episode 2. She vows to be with Kotone even after graduation.

Whenever she's at home, Shizuku enjoys dressing up in fancy clothes in front of the mirror.


Shizuku has known Kotone, her cousin, since they were little. Even then, Shizuku has to put up with Kotone's teasing and overt affection. In middle school, she doesn't like to socialize with others and went home by herself.



  • Voiced by Hiromi Igarashi.
  • Her name, Shizuku ( しず/雫), means "water drop" in Japanese.
  • Her symbol is a drop of water, per her namesake.



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