"Sakura Trick" is the second section of the twelfth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series. This is the final episode of the anime.

Sakura Trick (Episode)
桜Trick Sakura Torikku
Sakura Trick Ep 12-B Title
Air Date
Japanese March 27, 2014
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Plot Edit

Following the graduation ceremony, Mitsuki meets with Haruka, who discovers she knows nothing about love or dating and whom also misinterpreted Mitsuki's earlier love confession. Haruka ends up rejecting Mitsuki, who left her with just a kiss on the forehead. Yuu, who had been watching them, brings Haruka to the old classroom, where they kiss whilst telling each other that they love each other to determine what kind of "love" Mitsuki had mentioned earlier. As they do so, Yuu and Haruka both get embarrassed as they somewhat moderately come to the realization that they're actually both in a romantic loving intimate relationship with one another. With their feelings now more stronger than ever, Haruka and Yuu begin their second year of school.

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