Rina Sakai
坂井 理奈 Sakai Rina
Sakura trick rina
Age 17-18
Birthday November 8th, Scorpio
Gender Female Female

Yurika Endō

Manga Unknown
Anime A Cherry Blossom-colored Beginning
Rina Sakai (坂井 理奈 Sakai Rina?) is a supporting character in Sakura Trick. She is the vice president of student council during Haruka and Yuu's first year.

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Rina has peach-coloured hair, with a red bow-tie hair clip on top of it. She is about the same height as Mitsuki.

Personality Edit

As vice president, Rina is Mitsuki's loyal assistant and respected among the members of student council, especially Kaede and Sumi. She always have a smile on her face.

Rina is hinted to have romantic feelings toward Mitsuki and follows her every word. One example is when Mitsuki once mentioned she likes to eat pudding before studying. Rina also started eating pudding and inadvertently started a pudding-eating craze among third-year students.

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  • Voiced by Yurika Endō.
  • Her symbol is her bow-tie hair clip.

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