"Return of the Sour Operation!?" is the second section of the ninth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

Return of the Sour Operation!?
Zoku - Suppai Daisakusen!? 続・すっぱい大作戦!?
Sakura Trick Ep 9-B Title
Air Date
Japanese March 6, 2014
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The End of Year Debut of S.B.J.K Return of the Sour Operation!?
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A Cherry Blossom-colored Wedding Memories and Surprises of a Snowy Day
A Cherry Blossom-colored Christmas A Promise in the Gym Storage

Plot Edit

As Mitsuki becomes jealous of Haruka and Yuu linking arms with each other, she, along with Kaede and Yuzu, follow them to a park, where they almost catch them kissing. When Mitsuki trips up, Haruka manages to catch her, with Mitsuki inadvertently kissing her forehead in the process. Afterwards, Yuzu talks about her experience with learning to ride a scooter whilst Kaede laments the trouble she has with her siblings.

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