Mitsuki Sonoda
園田 美月 Sonoda Mitsuki
Mitsuki sonoda 57527
Age 17-18
Birthday August 10th, Leo
Gender Female Female

Saki Fujita

Manga Chapter 5
Anime The President is My Sister
Mitsuki Sonoda (園田 美月 Sonoda Mitsuki?) is a supporting character in Sakura Trick. She is Yuu's older sister, and president of student council during Haruka and Yuu's first year.

Appearance Edit

Mitsuki has long, flowing bright orange hair and emerald-green eyes. She wears the same flower hair bands Yuu wears, which are supposedly Sonoda family heirlooms. She is quite tall even among the third-years, and has large breasts that are the envy of her classmates. Mitsuki is near-sighted and wears glasses.

Personality Edit

Normally, Mitsuki is reserved, dignified and a respected leader everyone looks up to. However, her composure collapses whenever Haruka is near. She is shown to be easily flustered and clumsy around Haruka and has frequent fantasies about her. She doesn't realize her true feelings for Haruka until late in the series.

Like Yuu, Mitsuki enjoys green tea-flavoured food and is terrified of ghosts.

Background Edit

Mitsuki lives with her parents and Yuu, her little sister. She became president of student council when it is announced that the school will close down in three years. Struggling with a minuscule budget, she works hard to ensure the students will have a memorable school year.

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Trivia Edit

  • Voiced by Saki Fujita, most famous as the voice of Hatsune Miku in the Vocaloid series.
  • Her symbol is her flower hair band, only slightly larger than Yuu's and with the hanji character "姉" (meaning older sister) on it.
  • Just like her sister, she likes green tea flavor matcha.

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