"Memories and Surprises of a Snowy Day" is the first section of the tenth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

Memories and Surprises of a Snowy Day
雪の日と思い出と衝撃 Yuki no Hi to Omoide to Shōgeki
Sakura Trick Ep 10-A Title
Air Date
Japanese March 13, 2014
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Return of the Sour Operation!? The Cherry Blossom-colored Truth

Plot Edit

On a snowy day, Haruka and Shizuku go outside to have their lunch, though soon find it a bit too cold. As Shizuku dreads the day when she'll have to part ways with Kotone, Haruka brings Kotone over to cheer her up, encouraging everyone else to come out for a snowball fight. Meanwhile, Kaede mentions to Mitsuki how she believes Haruka and Yuu are dating.

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