"Let's Have Tea With Big Sis" is the first section of the fifth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

Let's Have Tea With Big Sis
お姉ちゃんとお茶しよう Onee-chan to Ocha shiyō
Sakura Trick Ep 5-A Title
Air Date
Japanese February 6, 2014
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Let's Have Tea With Big Sis The Witch, The Apple, and The Big Sister
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A Sour Operation? It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's a Sleepover
Is This a Test of Courage!? It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's Showtime!

Plot Edit

With the cultural festival approaching, Haruka, Kaede, and Yuzu go to a café with Mitsuki to try and convince her to join in their class' production of Snow White. When the others arrive, Yuu displays some displeasure in having been left behind at school, due to Haruka wanting to surprise her, but the two manage to make up with each other.

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