"It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's a Sleepover" is the first section of the sixth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's a Sleepover
文化祭だよ☆お泊まりです Bunkasai da yo ☆ Otomari desu
Sakura Trick Ep 6-A Title
Air Date
Japanese February 13, 2014
Episode Navigation
It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's a Sleepover It's The Culture Festival ☆ It's Showtime!
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Let's Have Tea With Big Sis Swimsuit Fanservice ☆ Accidents Too
The Witch, The Apple, and The Big Sister Shopping with Yuu-chan

Plot Edit

The girls decide to sleep over at school in order to complete their preparations for the cultural festival. During the nighttime, Shizuku gets to spend some time with Kotone, whillst Haruka and Yuu also have some time together.

Gallery Edit

Trick6-A/Image Gallery

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