"Is This a Test of Courage!?" is the second section of the fourth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

Is This a Test of Courage!?
もしかして肝試し!? Moshikashite Kimodameshi!?
Sakura Trick Ep 4-B Title
Air Date
Japanese January 30, 2014
Episode Navigation
A Sour Operation? Is This a Test of Courage!?
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The President is My Sister Let's Have Tea With Big Sis
A Pool Cleaning Promise The Witch, The Apple, and The Big Sister

Plot Edit

The girls get together for a test of courage, where Mitsuki attempts to tail Haruka and Yuu, but gets mistaken by Yuu for a ghost, leaving her so scared that she asks Haruka to kiss her to calm her down.

Gallery Edit

Trick4-B/Image Gallery

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