"A Promise in the Gym Storage" is the second section of the tenth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

A Promise in the Gym Storage
体育倉庫でお約束 Taiiku Sōko de Oyakusoku
Sakura Trick Ep 10-B Title
Air Date
Japanese March 13, 2014
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Return of the Sour Operation!? The Cherry Blossom-colored Truth

Plot Edit

During gym, Haruka feels the need to compete against Kaede in jumprope, only for her group to end up coming last and having to clear up the equipment. As Haruka offers to do it alone and the others leave, the teacher assumes they were finished and ends up locking Haruka in the gym storage. Learning of Haruka's disappearance, the girls set up a ladder to the gym storage's window, where Yuu manages to get a kiss with Haruka, before they manage to get the door unlocked.

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