"A Cherry Blossom-colored Christmas" is the second section of the eighth episode of the Sakura Trick anime series.

A Cherry Blossom-colored Christmas
桜色なクリスマス Sakura-iro na Kurisumasu
Sakura Trick Ep 8-B Title
Air Date
Japanese February 27, 2014
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A Cherry Blossom-colored Wedding A Cherry Blossom-colored Christmas
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Shopping with Yuu-chan Return of the Sour Operation!?

Plot Edit

On Christmas Eve, Mitsuki joins Haruka and the others in visiting the Christmas lights, noticing that Haruka and Yuu seem to be shying away from each other. After Haruka and Yuu become separated from the others, Haruka reveals she had been shy to look Yuu in the face because of the strong feelings she's been having, with Yuu replying she had felt the same.

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